Nieuwe versie van Cyclos is uit

Cyclos is het Zwitserse zakmes onder de softwaresystemen voor complementaire economie. Het is ontwikkeld door de Nederlandse organisatie STRO. De ontwikkelaars hebben onlangs de nieuwe versie (3.6) uitgebracht.

Een citaat uit de Nieuwsbrief van STRO:
In December 2011, STRO launched the latest version of Cyclos (3.6). This version has many new features and improvements such as a better layout, improved POS (Point Of Sale) module, support for credit/debit cards, a mobile (SMS) banking module and better scalability. The new mobile banking module opens opportunities to address new sectors, such as remittances, consumer loyalty programs, mobile shops, cash-in cash-out services, taxi payments, campus payment systems, prepaid cards, and low cost ATM’s.

Feature list

On-line (home) banking
– Dashboard page with status overview, quick access and message board
– Complete account summary / history (supports print and export)
– Payments (quick payment, installments, scheduled and authorizations)
– Fees & taxes (contribution, transaction fee, demurrage and interest)
– Send & manage invoices
– Loans with possible loan group management for micro finance projects
– Account operators (a user can create operators and assign permissions)
– Personal alerts & notifications

– Market place (offers & wants)
– Alerts for advertisement matching personal interests
– Member directory
– Messaging module
– Brokering / agents module
– Business referrals and transaction qualifications

Mobile Banking
– Sign-up by SMS
– Simple payment (to other users or administration)
– Payment request (two-way payment)
– Retrieve account information (optional browse through pages)
– Notifications & alerts (personal and general alerts and notifications)
– SMS mailings (from administration and agents)
– Bank and Telecom provider independent
– Custom SMS operations (add new operations)

POS (Point of Sale) / Cards
– Debit / credit card support
– Security options: PIN, security card code, OTP (one time password)
– On-line card management (activate/cancel/block card and reset/block PIN)
– POS (Point Of Sale) cash-in cash-out payments
– Print daily transaction overview on POS
– Manage POS devices on-line (activate, deactivate and block)

System features
– Account & user management
– Import tools (users and advertisements)
– Content management (translations, pages, images and styles)
– System alerts & logging
– Reports & Statistics
– System tasks (e.g. set system offline and indexing)
– Easy maintenance (all data stored in database and automatic upgrades)
– Strong security (bank level security implementation)
– Programming interface for communication with 3rd party software


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